RHC Program Compliance

These services are designed to assist with completion of all annual requirements for ongoing program compliance. These include:

  • Provide annual Rural Health Clinic mock inspection;
  • Provide annual review of Rural Health Clinic Policy and Procedure Manual;
  • Provide required Annual Evaluation and Program Review documentation;
  • Provide annual recommendations to improve Rural Health Clinic Program Compliance;
  • Periodic assessment of clinic expenses and to determine any areas where adjustments are needed to maintain the current rate;
  • Create Medicare Provider File for each clinic or entity;
  • Provide written cost-report documentation requirements;
  • Prepare consolidated Rural Health Clinic cost-report for appropriate entities;
  • Complete and submit a finalized year-end consolidated cost report to the third party administrator;
  • Coordinate possible requests for additional supporting documentation from Fiscal Intermediary;
  • Follow –up to ensure that annual reconciliation amounts are paid;
  • Make recommendations where appropriate to maximize the financial impact of the rural health clinic benefit;
  • Maintain compliance with all cost-reporting requirements, regulations, and interpretations.
  • Monitor the quality assurance program.
  • Facilitate communication between the rural health clinic and the Fiscal Intermediary.
  • Ongoing assistance from North American staff by means of telephone, facsimile or e-mail regarding questions pertaining to rural health billing configuration collections, revised policies, etc.
  • Provide information regarding legislative or reimbursement updates affecting the Rural Health Clinic Program.