Shared Data Entry Billing

Shared data entry billing allows a clinic to enjoy all of the advantages of an in-house billing system – without all of the headaches and expense!  This service is customized to meet client needs, depending on the desired level of data entry.  Clients enter the level of information with which they are comfortable; patient demographics, insurance information, charge information (live or batch), and time of service payments. Having shared data entry billing is especially helpful to rural health clinics, as they often do not have the budget for a full in-house system, including professional staff and necessary hardware systems. Smaller clinics on their own can not always keep up to date with the latest software technologies that make data entry billing a breeze. At North American HMS, we can offer professional staff with specific experience, and access to the latest trends in data entry billing systems, that give your own clinic staff time to do what they do best, serve your patients.

North American Healthcare Management Services provides a full range of accounts receivable management, reporting, patient telephone support, financial reporting, fee schedule maintenance, and patient statement management. Our expertise is in helping rural healthcare clinics offer the same conveniences  in data entry billing as larger clinics, giving your patients and staff peace of mind.