Payor Credentialing

Without successful credentialing, provider reimbursement for medical services can be delayed and, even, denied. The hard reality is that your practice cannot survive without being paid for the services provided to patients.  Assisting your practice in maintaining provider numbers is one of the most critical things we do.  Of course, for physicians starting a practice or breaking out from a group or hospital, this can mean the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Provider credentialing is crucial for the success of your practice. Given its many steps, critical deadlines and lurking uncertainties, you want someone who has the experience and expertise to handle this complex, ongoing process. At North American Healthcare Management Services, we will oversee the credentialing process in the following ways:

  • Compile initial provider information file;
  • Compile information required for CAQH;
  • Initiate enrollment and data entry on CAQH;
  • Complete of applications as required by credentialing entities;
  • Resolve requests for additional information;
  • Coordinate communication with payor during approval process:
  • Follow-up with payors to expedite the application process.
  • Document each step of the enrollment process.
  • Completion, submission, and follow up on all payor applications

Let North American Healthcare Management services help you with your payor credentialing! Contact us today to get started!