RHC Certification Assistance

Initial Rural Health Clinic Certification and Application
During the certification phase, North American will facilitate the process of applying and preparing for rural health clinic status.  The following steps will be taken on behalf of the client:

  • Complete Medicare 855 and Rural Health Clinic Program applications;
  • Facilitate information gathering 855 application requirements;
  • Prepare and submit applications to the appropriate State agencies
  • Prepare and submit applications to the appropriate Fiscal Intermediaries;
  • Monitor application processing with appropriate agencies;
  • Conduct a mock Rural Health Clinic inspection of clinic facility to assure readiness for State inspection;
  • Submit a written report, based on mock Rural Health Clinic inspection, with¬† recommendations for Rural Health Clinic compliance;
  • Prepare Rural Health Clinic Policy and Procedure Manual integrating any existing clinic policies;
  • Submit request for inspection to the State when clinic is prepared for inspection;
  • Coordinate a plan of correction and forward to the state for approval;
  • Coordinate the appropriate response to any Rural Health Clinic deficiencies;
  • Create Medicare Provider File for each clinic or entity;
  • Prepare consolidated Rural Health Clinic cost-report for appropriate entities;
  • Complete and submit a finalized year-end consolidated cost report to the third party administrator;
  • Coordinate possible requests for additional supporting documentation from Fiscal Intermediary;
  • Make recommendations where appropriate to maximize the rural health clinic benefit;

Maintain compliance with all cost-reporting requirements, regulations, and interpretations.