RHC and FQHC Cost Report Preparation

North American Healthcare Management Services has over a decade of experience in Federally-Qualified Health Center Cost Report Preparation and TWO DECADES of Rural Health Clinic Cost Report Preparation.  David James, our CFO, prepares over 150 Federally-Qualified Health Center and Rural Health Clinic Cost reports annually.  North American HMS advises Independent Rural Health Clinics (RHC), Provider-based Rural Health Clinics, Federally-Qualified Health Centers and Community health centers.  We advise our clients on fee schedule adjustments in order to maximize rate setting via the new G-codes effective January 1, 2015.

In order to assist you with your Rural Health Clinic or Federally-Qualified Health Center Cost Report , we will:

  • Create Medicare Provider File for each clinic or entity;
  • Provide written cost-report documentation requirements;
  • Assess FQHC fee schedule and project G-code encounter rates
  • Prepare consolidated Rural Health Clinic cost-report for appropriate entities;
  • Complete and submit a finalized year-end consolidated cost report to the third party administrator;
  • Coordinate possible requests for additional supporting documentation from Fiscal Intermediary;
  • Follow–up to ensure that annual reconciliation amounts are paid;
  • Make recommendations where appropriate to maximize the financial impact of the rural health clinic benefit;
  • Maintain compliance with all cost-reporting requirements, regulations, and interpretations.

Let North American Healthcare Management services help you with the cost report preparation for your Rural Healthcare Clinic or Federally-Qualified Health Center! Contact us today to get started!