North American HMS has been providing Revenue Cycle Management services since 1992.  Our expertise includes RHC, FQHC, and physician practices.  We are Value-Added Resellers for Aprima-eMDs.  Just our management team alone exceeds 125 years in health care experience.

We provide RHC and FQHC expertise across the country.  The COVID emergency has reinforced having proven experts on your team.  We provide stability and continuity to our clients who confront rapid change.  North American HMS functions as the “back office” for practices.  We provide:

Charge Review/Correction Practice Benchmarking
Payment Posting Comprehensive Reporting
Denial/Rejection Management Strategic Planning
Patient Questions Statement Transmission
Automated Eligibility Verification OCR Card Scanners

Staffing is one of the most difficult tasks which confront RHC and FQHC management.  By definition, RHC or FQHC expertise is hart to find in under served areas.

We do not replace all billing staff.  It is essential that front-end staff collect accurate information.  We work in partnership with our client front-end staff to ensure that information is complete.  Aprima eMDs includes many tools that help us make sure this is done properly.  Our staff is in constant communication with client staff to ensure accuracy.

There are many reasons to consider out-sourcing your billing office.  If your previous billing staff is unreliable or is needed elsewhere in your practice, having professionals providing your revenue cycle management will quickly pay for itself.

Perhaps you have started a new practice.  This is a complicated and expensive process.  We can help make sure it succeeds.

No matter your situation, North American Healthcare Management’s medical billing services can help! We have 28 years of experience with revenue cycle management for RHC and FQHC providers.