Business Office Assessment

Making sure your practice is running smoothly in all areas is essential to it’s success. As part of it’s practice management services, North American Healthcare Management Services offers a comprehensive business office assessment to help streamline your practice’s fee schedules and other essential day to day processes. Don’t get overwhelmed by the day-to-day processes related to the business management aspects of running a rural health care clinic, let North American HMS help you in the areas we have the expertise to ensure your practice runs smoothly, and you can do what you do best.

The process of setting fees is often uncomfortable, arbitrary, and easily forgotten.  Distorted or obsolete fee schedules can also mean significantly under-charging insurance companies, over-charging patients, and lost revenue opportunities.  North American Healthcare Management Services has developed fee schedules for all types of providers.  We provide a consistent methodology that takes account your patient population, location, and services.  We provide free annual review and recommendation to our billing clients. Start today with a business office assessment from North American HMS and get peace of mind, knowing your rural health clinic’s billing and revenue cycle management is right where it should be for you to run a successful practice.