Aprima PRM – Electronic Health Record

Fully Integrated Electronic Health Record – Aprima PRM

Fully-Hosted or Stand-alone Server

North American Healthcare Management is a gold-certified Aprima PRM reseller.  Aprima is a fully integrated EHR /Practice Management Solution.  It is chief-complaint driven with “adaptive learning”.

As re-sellers for Aprima PRM, we have a fully-hosted electronic health record.  Aprima PRM is a fully-integrated electronic health record.  There is no separate practice management system.  Aprima PRM has robust rural health clinic and federally-qualified health center functionality.  We can easily handle the new line item billing requirement for rural health clinics and provider-based rural health clinics.

Full Federally-Qualified Health Center Reporting, UDS, Revenue Cycle Management

Aprima’s federally-qualified health center module is second to none.  We have full UDS reporting, UB04 billing, and G-code billing under the prospective payment system introduced in 2015.

Aprima easily handles both institutional (837I – UB04) and professional service (837P – 1500) billing.  Our built-in UDS module allows reporting FQHCs to compile their UDS report at any time – not just once per year.  Sliding fee scale capability is included in Aprima’s FQHC module.

Our hosted servers allow all of these services to be deployed for your organization with little cost up-front.  Our pricing is competitive with anyone out there.

Join the thousands of physicians who are already winning with Aprima, and you’ll benefit from:

Improved Quality of Care

  • Health Maintenance tracking provides timely follow up
  • Electronic Orders and Results help ensure nothing is missed
  • eRx and Drug Interaction help avoid negative interactions

Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Tools such as data trending improve patient understanding and satisfaction
  • Better access to chart data and test results help improve communication

Improved Quality of Life

  • Improved workflow and efficiency reduce daily stress
  • More efficient charting creates more time for patients and family

Improved Bottom Line

  • More accurate coding, reduced rejections, and better billing and collections lead to higher reimbursements
  • Reduced expenses generate higher net profits