Revenue Cycle Management

North American HMS

Revenue Cycle Management

Being a provider today is not easy because there are so many things that HAVE to be done.  Seeing and managing patients is hard enough.  Let North American HMS ease that burden.

North American HMS has a team of Revenue Cycle Management Specialists that is unrivaled.  We can work off of our system.  We also have expertise on all of the other EHR products.  We have billing clients on several systems, among those, probably yours! 

If you can get us clean information, we take care of the rest of the revenue cycle.  We give constant feedback to front-end personnel.  We transmit monthly reports letting you know exactly how we have all performed.  We provide consistency and stability. 

Let us provide a FREE Practice Assessment of your practice.  We will take a look at your Accounts Receivable, Charges, Payments, and Adjustments.  These amounts will be compared to industry benchmarks.   (See AAFP Five Key Metrics) It always helps to have an additional perspective.

Why should North American HMS manage your billing and EHR platform?

  • Our executive team has over 125 years of cumulative experience with revenue cycle management.
  • Our team of AR specialists are unrivaled in the industry.  All of our AR specialists maintain certifications in their areas of expertise.
  • The complexity of reimbursement has increased exponentially every year.  We have made careers out of staying current on reimbursement policy.
  • We provide stability.  Your staff may turnover, but we are here.
  • It takes a team.  Clean patient information provides clean reimbursement.  Our most important tool is to provide feedback to clients on denials.
  • We help design practice workflows to ensure clean patient
  • information and charge capture.
  • Our workflows reduce your financial stress.  With our guidance and teamwork, we collection performance at best performer standards.
  • We help guide new practices through the expensive process of starting up.
  • Our provider enrollment services and practice management expertise minimize possible revenue disruptions.

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